Cyprus is a place of opportunity and a great steppingstone into European markets for many non-European companies and entrepreneurs.

Unlike most European countries where setting up an operation for a non-EU company can be costly and there are many barriers in place to prevent entry of the non-EU entities, Cyprus has attractive options for non-Eu entities.
Any entrepreneur/company who is able to invest capital (from overseas) into their company of no more than €171.000 can establish a foreign interest company that can be used as immigration medium for his family and his staff to work in Cyprus legally and earn income.

Even though the process may seem daunting, we have the expertise and experience to make it a smooth and fast process.

The most common concern for many potential investors is the capital movement and use. The capital invested for a foreign interest company (the €170000) does not have to be locked in any Cyprus bank account, it can be used freely for the business purposes.

Also all employees of Cyprus foreign interest company will have access to all benefits of the local health care under the GESY and the social security protection.

That opens a door for further potential acquisition of European Citizenship, all 3rd country national that have lived and worked in Cyprus for more than seven years are eligible for Cyprus nationality by naturalisation.

 So If you are looking to:-

  1. Break into European market
  2. Bring your family into Eu
  3. Acquire EU citizenship
  4. Work in EU legally

Then opening a Cyprus foreign interest company may be just the solution you are looking for.

By Anton Kuts