The key investment criteria to acquire citizenship by exception pursuant to the Purchase or establishment or Participation in Cypriot Companies or Businesses are as follows:-

  • The company must have a physical presence in Cyprus with at least 5 x employees (EU/CYP) and a significant turnover and/or assets which equate to the value of the purchase price of the company’s shares and/or investment plan.
  • The invested funds shall be channeled towards the financing of the investment objectives of a company exclusively in Cyprus, based on a specific investment plan.
  • The employment requirement of 5 x employees may be increased where there is a simultaneous investment in the company from more than 1 investor.
  • Investments in the shipping sector are also eligible on the basis of measurable criteria that will be determined jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the Shipping Deputy

Specific documents required for an A.3 application in addition to standard requirements:-

  1. Contract of sale
  2. Proof of payment of agreed purchase price
  3. Original company documents
  4. Copy of wire transfer to company’s Cypriot account from overseas
  5. Specific investment plan
  6. Copies of employment contracts (minimum 5 EU/CYP)
  7. Confirmations from social security

*Note – A high-ranking manager who generates (based on salary) tax revenues for the Republic of at least €100.000 over a 3 year period (pre-paid) may also apply for a passport under the scheme for naturalization by exception.