When family relationships break down it is a traumatic and emotional experience for every member of that family. At our firm we seek compromise and solutions that place the interests of children and the family first.

Our philosophy is to help parties reach an out of court settlement on all matters ranging from contact and custody of underage children to the division of marital property so that parties do not get involved in drawn out legal proceedings and the family can heal and move forward.

Divorce unfortunately requires a court process but in recent months this has been simplified with applicants able to submit written statements as opposed to having to testify in open court. Where there is no objection and service can be achieved within a reasonable timeframe, we are able to see you through the process within 2 to 3 months. We are in favour of no-fault divorce but as this is not yet a legal reality, where possible we encourage our clients to see the breakdown of their relationships as being the responsibility of both parties and can see to the issue of a divorce that attributes responsibility equally to both parties and minimizes the emotional distress of divorce.

Contact one of our lawyers to arrange a meeting and discuss how we can help you best navigate this difficult path.