A proposal has been put forward for a new law to allow landlords to seek the eviction of a tenant who fails to pay rent for 2 months (private residence) and 1 month (for commercial residence) by summary proceedings. According to the new law (to be put forward on 22/11/19) tenants will be obligated to prove that they have paid rent with the presentation of a receipt to the Court Registrar. Failure to do so will lead to ‘automatic’ in effect eviction. This will significantly simplify what is currently an onerous legal process that allows tenants to take advantage of lengthy proceedings, subject to many technicalities, which can be taken advantage of, to allow tenants to remain in premises without paying rent for years.  Another noteworthy aspect of the law is that it will specifically permit service by electronic means, a great step towards accepting the role of electronic media in today’s society.

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