Our law firm employs lawyers with extensive experience in a variety of legal matters, including the representation of persons who were involved in road accidents and/or fatal road accidents.

The aim of our lawyers is the proper evaluation of each case distinctly and through their experience and knowledge, they are able to provide immediate legal opinion to our clients who are visiting us and request our services in an attempt to recover the losses they have suffered as a result of third-party negligence.

What you need to know:

For your information, please be advised that the compensation you will be entitled to for your claim of personal injury, includes material and general damages as well as special damages of which the company of the insured driver of the car is obligated to pay for the accident.

The beneficiaries of a road accident who can claim compensation from the insurance company of the driver responsible for the road accident, can be the driver of the crashed car and its passengers and anyone who was involved in the car accident as a cyclist or a pedestrian. Therefore, if you are involved in car accident you must know that you need to contact immediately with the insurance company that you have registered your car with. It is important to collect as much information as you can for the identity of the other driver and/or owner of the car.

Please note that in the circumstances where we have injured people, we immediately call the Health Services and the Cyprus Police.

Avoid contacting either in person or over the phone with any representative and/or employee of the driver’s insurance company responsible for the accident and under no circumstances do not sign any document before having a consultation with the lawyers of our office.

The above is intended to provide a brief guide only and/or a general guide to the subject matter. It is essential that specialist advise should be sought about your specific circumstances.

For further information on this topic please contact Mr. Yianni Theoti ([email protected]) at J & F Management Services
by landline (+357 25 312580) or by fax (+357 25 312560)